Traveling Fools

The boys and I took a short trip to Indianapolis last week.  I was missing home and really needed to see my family and friends! We flew out on Thursday afternoon and had a packed schedule for the few days we were there.  The boys were such troopers and did quite well!

Harrison was so excited for the take-off... which made me feel better about clutching my armrests (me=not a good flyer!)

This little dude fell fast asleep during our landing

We had a customary trip to the museum...

Harrison and his best bud, Griffin showing off their fossil finding skills

And following our museum trip, we had our customary McDonalds lunch with the Browns!

Complete with ice cream cones!

Some of us liked them A LOT!

Friday afternoon/evening we spent at Auntie Brit's house (the boys refer to my best friends as aunties because they are more than family to us!)
And I finally got my hands on this super cute baby, Camryn! 

Dinner is served! Ludwig boys, Brown boys and the Tooley trio!

Dinner and drinks out with a girl's best friends! I am so grateful to have friends like you!

And we can't forget GiGi and Pa who always make us feel extra loved and comfy! Be home again soon!


Brooks is starting to cover his eyes during "scary" parts of movies.  In these pictures, he is watching Finding Nemo and Monsters, Inc... super scary Disney movies!


Not quite stylish but definitely proud boys! Harrison picked out his own outfit this day, right down to the dang socks... nevermind the fact that it was in the mid 80s that day. 
 Whose super cool?!

Netty Pot?

Poor Brooks, always being mischievous, thought it would be a wise idea to squirt water up his nose.  
I am just glad I have my camera to catch these priceless expressions.  

Mish Mash

And a few pictures that didn't have their own post...

Our baby girl, Pippa was tuckered after a game of Twister! She had her 12 week appointment today and weighed 16 pounds! 

Harrison's first tee ball game! 

A cute picture of Harrison and Alden, his Georgia buddy!

Looking adorable on Easter this year. And apparently too adorable to look at the camera!

Harrison was excited to wear his "work belt and work shoes" so he could look like Daddy!

Easter egg hunting!


Soccer Star

Pippa loves the soccer ball!


Dress Up and Tee Ball?

Brian literally almost killed me for taking this picture.  We were playing at a friend's house (who has a 2 year old girl) when Harrison came clomping out in these pink heels, rings and bracelets on and a Snow White top.  To his credit, he has never been to a house with dress up clothes before... and he was just having fun!

Harrison and his buddy Alden after tee-ball practice.  

I know this picture is blurry but I adore it.  It shows how my little boy is growing up.  Doesn't he look so old?! 

A Growing Pup

Pippa is 9 weeks old! She is now 8 1/2 pounds and is such a sweet girl.  She loves the boys and is already using her bell to go outside.  

Standard outdoor play...the boys chasing Pippa

She lets us hold her like a little baby...which she essentially is! 

Cuddle time with Pippa


10 days after his 2 year check-up, we were back at the clinic because this guy was sick.  2 days after that visit, we were at Afterhours for yet another visit.  Poor Brooks is just recently feeling better after whatever bug had him feeling puny.  A fever for days, crusty eyes and runny nose left us with a cranky baby.  

Trying his hardest to say CHEESE at the peds office

On the mend and eating breakfast at ChicFilA with momma on Friday!