14 days and counting...

After meeting again with my OB on Friday, it was decided that we would proceed with an induction.  The big day is September 8th.  Baby Luds will be just over 37 weeks, which is considered full-term.  The plan, as of now, will be to go into the hospital on Sunday night and start the medications to induce labor on Monday morning.  
Brian and I are experiencing a slew of emotions as we approach this day. We are so nervous, yet so eager to meet our little man.  We cannot wait to see his little face and know that he is OK.   

This will be Brian's final week on Trauma and he is anxious to begin his Peds rotation.  It has been a long summer, full of crazy fools who like to lose limbs or drive drunk.  You should see the photo library he has accumulated.  My mom will be in town this week to entertain me and help with the finishing touches around the house.  

See you soon little Luds...    


A Peek Inside

Hey friends! Brian and I had the opportunity yesterday afternoon to peek in on the peanut, who is NO peanut. My OB wanted to check on Baby Luds' growth since he has consistently been measuring big. There are no concerns and he looked absolutely gorgeous! Check him out! They guess his weight to be 5 pounds 11 ounces right now. He has some definite chub on those cheeks!

I see my OB again on Friday and hopefully will receive some answers as to what's going on. I continue to have a weird array of symptoms, all of which cannot be explained. A girlfriend I work with said "whoever said a woman's body was made to bear children must've been a man!" And I completely agree with her because apparently my body is not enjoying being pregnant anymore! The countdown is on and I have nested to the extreme! I think I'm ready...so let's go Baby Ludwig, it's just about time!


Bedrest it is

All is well here at the Ludwig household.  I am officially on bedrest these days and hating pretty much every minute of it.  It was fun for the first day or two, but now I am bored, bored, bored. While I know that this is what's best for Little Luds, it makes for long days.  

I have my second appointment of the week on Friday, and hopefully things continue to look good. My labs values have improved, and although the doctor has no explanation for the improvement, we are psyched to have good news.  

Brian continues to LOVE his job! :)  Anyone who has talked to him in the last 2 months knows that this rotation is pretty much kicking his butt.  I think after today, he has 15 days left on trauma, and hopefully his workload will lighten up.  

On tap for the weekend... our birthing class! Woo hoo! Wish it were something *a little* more exciting!  

Look who stopped by to visit!  Brit is also having a little boy and is due in December. 

A cute pic of a frustrated Brian putting together our Pack n Play!  Priceless!


Just a photo for your viewing pleasure!

I decided that this picture of me last week wasn't too bad (despite swollen "cankles" and face.) So I thought I would throw it on the blog for all of our out-of-towner friends and family to see. Our little man continues to do well, aside from stressing out his momma and poppa. I see the doctor again tomorrow due to some abnormal labs. I am sure all will be fine, but keep us in your thoughts.


Good news and Bad news

Brian and I were anxiously awaiting our trip to Seattle and then to Vancouver to visit friends, but our little man had plans of his own.  Tuesday was a night full of unknowns and ultimately left us canceling our trip.  The day started with what I thought was a simple headache.  I had worked the two previous nights and was headed into work that night.  I downed some Tylenol and thought a little caffeine would do the trick.  5 hours later, the headache intensified and I had some vision changes.  Well, many of you know me pretty well, so to say I freaked out is an understatement.  I called Brian to come pick me up from work, and we were off to Labor and Delivery triage (which is where the on call doc sent me.)  Long story short, my blood pressure was up and they were worried about preeclampsia.  After about an hour's worth of rest, my BP was trending down, and I thought we were in the clear.  Boy, was I wrong. Not only did they say that I would be doing nothing but resting, they also put the smackdown on our trip.  We were so bummed to have to call my parents and our friends to say that we would not be making the trip.  We were really looking forward to getting away.  

So there is good news in all of this:  Baby Ludwig is doing well, and continues to grow and grow.  I believe this week, he is measuring about 4 pounds and is 15 inches long.  He gets the hiccups about 4 times a day, which does drive me quite crazy!  Poor baby!  We were at the doctor yesterday, and while they will be keeping a close eye on things, right now, both baby and I are doing peachy.  The other good news is that Brian and I are having TONS of couple time!  I think we are both enjoying actually spending time with one another, although Brian did tell me the other day that I was annoying.  :)  He's in love!

I will be sure to keep everyone posted.  For now, enjoy some pictures! Dakota had a biopsy this week, so that explains the cone.  And the other is of Brian and the dog taking a nap, which thanks to having A LOT of free time this week, has been a daily occurrence.